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Les Hérolles, Coulonges

Foire Les Hérolles, Coulonges Large

The market is an integral part of french life & community, where local produces sell there wares. There are markets in most towns and villages and varying in size from just a few stalls to one for the larges & oldest markets in France, which takes over the entire village of Coulonges.

Les Hérolles is a huge outdoor (one of the biggest in France) market dating back over 400 years. It is on the 29th of every month (unless the 29th is a Sunday in which case it’ll be on Monday, and in February it’s always on the 28th, even if it’s a leap year). There’s all sorts on offer; an amazing array of poultry, pets and livestock, clothes, shoes, farming equipment, cheese, bread, mattresses, wine, honey, meat, fruit and veg, plants and flowers…. It is a definite must visit.

Animals of the Fair

The poultry market at the top of the shopping street, begins very early in the morning. There are a huge array of animals on show and obviously to buy from: guinea fowl, ducks, geese, turkeys, pigeons, rabbits. But if you fancy to go home with a parrot ... it's possible! There are many exotic birds color the poultry market (parakeets, ducks silk ...) On December 18 there is a special Christmas market poultry: geese, turkeys, capons ...


Sheep market

It is 8:30 at Hérolles ... The traditional sound of the bell as the market opens ...

In the covered market, buyers receive an accurate and professional gesture kidneys of animals to ensure the quality of the animals. Transactions between merchants and farmers can begin: haggling and tone of voice that rises perpetuate tradition.

The final market, breeders and dealers meet in the trading room. Then engage in discussions to set the market price of the sheep and lambs. The quotation is a reference for national courses of great interest to breeders. As part of the Market Observatory referenced Agrimer, trading at the end of the market determines the local price of sheep.



With more than 400 artisans, traders, everyone will tell you, the Fair Hérolles can find everything!
Question food, there are dozens of booths sausages, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, bread, fish or fast food.
For DIY and gardening, from amateur to professional, everyone will find his happiness trap mole mower, through the tractor tire and plan tomatoes or salad depending on the season, everything is .
Side home, appliances, decorative objects and furniture carve the lion's share in the middle batteries kitchens and the latest "revolutionary" utensils praised by the fiery speeches hawkers.
The clothing is not left at the fair: hats, socks and rubber boots alongside the latest trends in ready-to-wear.

Whether you are young, old, man, woman, child, small, large or well, you never leave empty hands of the Fair Hérolles!






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