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Welcome to Haute-Vienne, where all paths lead to discovery, and fun

Around Limoges, forest, roads, and small trails invite you to go wandering and hiking, bike riding, all-terrain biking, and horse-riding, to discover a rural heritage that has been preserved in its rolling landscapes. Lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams offer a wide number of water-based activities, including swimming, fishing, sailing, etc. Haute-Vienne has 6,700km (~4,163 miles) of water courses, and 2,000km (~1,242 miles) of marked hiking trails. Towns and villages have retained their authentic stone, wood, and earthen creations, to help lead visitors to discover old houses, churches, and castles from the Middle Ages, displaying their artisanal know-how. Haute-Vienne is equally comfortable in its era, and is preparing for the future. It has a particular soft spot for creation and innovation, for example in contemporary art and ceramics. Haute-Vienne offers a year-round series of events and markets in a range of areas, such as culture, sport, food, business, etc...

The Haute-Vienne: artistically exceptional

Land of forests and water, but also livestock and food land, land of excellence, know-how, creativity ...

The Haute-Vienne is a department in which to live. She cultivates a taste for the balance between a city on a human scale and dynamic rural country in the heart of unspoilt nature, between traditional know-how and technological innovation, between contemporary art and historical sites, memorials and artistic creation abundant ...

Chestnut, oak, spruce and douglas

Despite the storm of 1999, the forest is rich limousine many species. Very long chestnut, nurturing tree chestnut flour, even the tree emblem of the land. Oaks, beeches, and conifers (spruce and douglas) also have their place in the landscape where the timber industry is an important resource.
Rivers, ponds, springs and fountains good

Running waters and backwaters, they are everywhere: hydropower with its many dams, paradise for fishermen and water sports with its 7000 water bodies, sources of legends with good healing fountains ...

The gold, kaolin, granite and meteorite

With its granite base, was cut quaint local villages and castles proud, well before its stones go provide sidewalks of Paris. But the floor of the Haute-Vienne is rich in many other geological events: traces of the huge meteorite crater Rochechouart last gold veins in the south remains very close kaolin quarries, through which s' has built the reputation of Limoges porcelain ...

Oradour sur Glane Thumbnail

Oradour sur Glane

Lest we forget. On 10 June 1944, an SS company massacred the Oradour inhabitants and burnt the village. For further information of this chilling reminder of what man can do to man more info

Châteaux & churches

The Haute-Vienne possesses an extremely rich architectural heritage. Roman art left us the collegial churches of Dorat and Eymoutiers, the Solignac Monastry Abbey and numerous village churches. more info


Hills, woods & lakes

The Haute-Vienne landscapes are characterised by open spaces and farmland crossed by a large river network dotted with numerous lakes. A large variety of flora & fauna: gorges & valleys, dry moors & grasslands, heaths & lakes, woods… more info

Talented Crafts

In the Haute-Vienne, women & men of talent use their ingenuity, technique & ability to create exceptional products in china, enamel, leather, stained glass, etc.. The crafts have been innovating & adapted to market trends. We encourage you to discover ... more info


Museums & Exhibitions

Thanks to military art we have the ruins of Chalucet, Châlus or Lastours châteaux… The art of porcelain glows in the Adrien Dubouché National Museum and that of enamelling in the Evêché Museum in Limoges. more info


In the Haute-Vienne & Limousin, culture is alive and well as it impresses with its abundance. There are many theatre groups, bands, events and festivals throughout the year. more info

La Maison de Cromac Culture Small

Family Days

The Haute-Vienne & Limousin is an ideal family location that works! The diversity of its sites and countryside makes the département & region a fulfilling, fun and stimulating place for the whole family. more info

Limoges - City of Ceramics

Limoges, the capital of Limousin, is internationally renowned for its porcelain and has just been awarded recognition as "Town of Art and History". more info


Towns, Cities & Villages

Explore some of the thousands of tiny hamlets around Limousin and find some of the most beautiful villages and towns more info

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

A taste of the Limousin

There are many gastronomic delights to savour in the Limousin region, from Limousin beef to cherry claffouti and chestnuts to the Pomme du Limousin

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Enjoy a relaxing stay

At La Maison de Cromac you'll find a Family Holiday Home that sleeps 6 + cot located in a small village in the Haute-Vienne, France

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