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Cycling & Horse Riding



The Haute-Vienne department of Limousin has great cycling routes to suit all abilities, particularly the more casual cyclist and families. What you can expect from a cycling holiday in Haute-Vienne & Limousin region of France.

For many years, Haute-Vienne was a little-known leisure cyclists’ paradise with wide, (mostly) traffic-free roads that ran through a rolling landscape of fields and forests. Today, while it's attracting more and more cyclists each year, its roads remain a pleasure to cruise along, the sun blazing on your back as the beauty of the region slides silently past you.


For lost of information about cycling in the Haute Vienne and sourrounding area please check out.

Freewheeling France's website, click here



Bike hire in Haute-Vienne

For bike rental in Haute-Vienne, see Freewheeling France's Limousin bike hire listings

Bike repairs

Mechanical support tends to be a bit sporadic, but can be found at Planète Vélo in Limoges, or at the Decathlon sports store north of Limoges at the Family Village next to the A20.



Horse Riding

The Haute-Vienne’s varied and generous countryside is well suited to horse riding, with its many shady paths and its magnificent green and russet woods. The quality of the facilities and instructors will make your equestrian stay in the cradle of the Anglo-Arab horse pleasant and successful, whatever your skill and level.

Centre équestre des Hauts de Blond


If the horse does not come to the rider, the rider has the horse! Julie Knight, the young instructor Centre équestre des Hauts de Blond, takes you into the pre get your mount, advising you to prepare. We must say that the animals enjoy ideal conditions to thrive: the lush grass, comfortably sized boxes and boundless passion that their dedicated and creative director of the center ... Bernard Chevalier! It has been given a family atmosphere at its center and intends to keep it. To date, four of its residents are preparing to go for a walk, weighted with their riders. Perched on the hills of Blond, the area offers a breathtaking panorama and a multitude of hiking trails winding through the forest. Past the pond and creek, where you catch a coypu s'abreuvant, Julie takes you to the top of the hill to watch the northern Haute-Vienne unfolding in your stirrups. Leaving the cool shade of the undergrowth and steep trail, you will find the flat and the sun to admire Bellac which stretches to the horizon. Back to the stables, appointment is made for a new ride!

87300 Blond
Tél. : +33676065070

Le Moulin d'Aiguemarde Razès


Learn riding fun, this is the credo of the center of equestrian leisure Mill Aiguemarde. In a haven of greenery, it attaches to your children discover the different facets of the sport, such as pony games. In the indoor arena, children are divided into teams and each must pass, pony rides, tests for reporting points. The team that accumulates the most wins. The program of the "Fort Boyard" Equestrian: slalom, spaghetti game, playing postman. Thierry Michaud, center manager, said the goal is to teach the child to keep his balance and lead his horse. Absorbed through the game, it integrates these concepts naturally without realizing it. Indeed, it must be flexible, strong and accurate if it does not want his pony tangled hooves zigzagging between the studs! Make the path trotting spaghetti hand, by breaking the least, is not so easy either. Laughs guaranteed. If the jumpers shorts are not numerous enough to form teams, they will receive a course aerobatic or walk in the woods. Thierry and colleagues adapt to the age and number of participants. With them, you can not keep both feet in the same bracket!

Le Moulin d’Aiguemarde
87640 Razès
Tél. : +33555712884

Ecuries d'Arcalie


Large ponies and small horses. They are thirty to spread over forty-five acres of the Stables Arcalie, created in 2007 by Ophelia Metz. "Arcalie" is also the contraction of his name and those of her mother Carole and sister Armonie. Front stalls, the horses are saddled day and patiently wait their rider. Ophelia helps novices to climb in the saddle, stirrups and rule leads the way. To find the forest, a few insufficient because the stables are located at its edge. Feeling fresh emerald over you pleasantly while oak and chestnut trees vie with beech. Covered with a carpet of dead leaves, the path is sometimes emphasized by small walls mossy stones. At the end of the forest, you walk along the fields, among the heather and gorse. Ophelia makes you discover the region you stating the picturesque sites. You stop for a moment to admire the stunning views of the nearby town of Creuse and Fursac. Docile and comfortable in the hands of their novice riders, ponies and large ponies do not fit less happy in the stable, having outlined a trot.

87250 Bessines-sur-Gartempe
Tél. : +33669154675

Ranch Tashunka - The Wild Wild West

At the heart of Ambazac mountains, Nico, a former stuntman, screwed stetson on his head and swaying approach to Clint Eastwood teaches western riding. It is sixteen years he discovered that discipline came straight from the United States. True professional, Nico teaches the techniques used here in the Wild West to raise cattle, roping work or just lead a horse, regardless of race or experience. Now it's your turn to get in the saddle after preparing your frame. In the indoor arena at the ranch, Nico oversees your warm and corrects your position, attentive to the movements of the horse. Patient, kindly joker and an excellent teacher, he dissects the actions of students to improve their technique. In perfect confidence with their riders, Legend, Nesquik, and Mighty Ivoire trot and not linked together ... Without even noticing it, all your possible fears have not they indeed flown? With your fellow adventurers, you then go on the winding paths of the fir backed by the ranch. You will soon find the flat and the sun on the hill overlooking the charming village of Saint-Sylvestre, before bringing your horses in the stable. Beginners, do not worry, Nico will you set foot in the stirrup!

Hameau Le Mogot
87240 Saint-Sylvestre
Tél. : +33674523859

Arnac Pompadour

 Arnac-Pompadour is undoubtedly "the" city of the horse.

Haras it houses was created by the Marquise de Pompadour in 1751. Royal stud ten years later under Louis XV, damaged during the Revolution and restored by Napoleon Bonaparte, he became National Stud in 1872.

Today, it spans multiple sites castle, filing standards and national stud.  A Pompadour horses lead castle life. Indeed, the XV century fortress is entirely devoted to them. Seat of government, it is bordered by the racecourse and filing standards.

This includes stables built in the nineteenth century, where you can enjoy a magnificent Arabian stallions, English, Anglo-Arab, but also Percheron, Breton, Comtois and Ardennes. All these horses are here for reproduction, breeding and training.

A few kilometers away, visit the National Broodmare of the River, it is unique in France! Stables take place in the unusual setting of a ruined castle. In spring, you fall under the spell of foals frolic in the meadows.


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