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Food & Drink, Eating Out


Food & Drink, Eating Out

Grandmothers recipes, recipes from local, savory specialties and sweets enrich the singularly amazing gastronomic heritage Limousin ... always with great taste!

Particularly renowned for the superior quality of its productions and beefing for apple cultivation, most of which are labeled under Protected Geographical Indication or AOC, Limousin also cultivates the art of gastronomy. Tradition, quality, environmental, taste are the ingredients for a tasty recipe driven by an entire region. The Limousin is also another way of understanding food.

The writer Antoine Blondin used to say, "There is no caviar in Limousin, but we do have chestnuts.” Chestnuts, one of Limousin’s staple foods (Limousin’s emblem is a chestnut tree leaf) are used to make dishes such as Boudin aux châtaignes (Black pudding with chestnuts) as well as in salads and pastries. Other specialties include walnuts, AOP (certified origin) apples, berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries), wild mushrooms and top-quality local meats: lamb, cul noir pork and poultry, which can all be found at local fairs. Dournazac’s Chestnut Fair (in the Périgord-Limousin Park), Limoges’s Frairie des petits ventres FairBrive’s duck and geese fairs and its breeding festival are all good places to look. Limousin cows are famous for their tasty beef and are celebrated during Limousin’s Beef Shows. Food lovers can feast on clafoutis and hazelnut cakes washed down with Limousin cider. Delight your taste buds with chestnut, nut and fruit liquors

Explore the scenic "Road Pomme du Limousin PDO" discover the secrets of producing the Pomme du Limousin AOP and a gourmet discovery! Professionals can welcome you and show you behind the scenes.

Much of Haute-Vienne’s cuisine is the simple country fare found throughout Limousin; hearty soups, fresh fish from Haute-Vienne’s many lakes and rivers and good, finely marbled beef from red-brown Limousin cattle.

Long before the term ’reasonable’ became fashionable, local farmers learnt how to manage the natural resources of their region. In this region of animal farming, grass and the farmers’ care are the only secrets of the beef and lamb that won prizes in livestock fairs and have been awarded a certificate of quality. Such meat is more and more the choice of people who want to ’eat well’.

The Haute-Vienne is known worldwide for the quality of beef limousine. High outdoors in pasture high quality limousine cow gives exceptional meat: remarkably tender, with great finesse, veined and low in fat. This is one of the tastiest beef breeds. This earned him recognition as a national Red Label in beef under the brand Blason Prestige.

Best Limousin breeders are selected cluster Lanaud in Boisseuil organizes every year in early July, "La Ronde des Chefs" cooking demonstrations meat limousine. As for Limousin cows, they are exported around the globe to Brazil, Australia and so on. The Limousin breed is present in more than 80 countries.

Limousin enjoys Protected Geographical Indication and Label Rouge. Around St Yrieix-la-Perche, cul noir pigs free range in meadows and woodlands to produce red-label pork. Since the 16th century, pork 'cul noir' is a specific variety of the southern department. It is renowned for the quality of its white fondant bacon and tasty meat that is made pots and fricassee.

Salt pork, along with vegetables including onions, carrots and potatoes, is used in a tasty stew known as ‘potee limousin’.

Haute-Vienne abounds in food fairs and festivals. One of the oldest, celebrating Limoge’s butchers guild, dates back to the Middle Ages and is held on the third Thursday of October each year.


Known as La Frairie des Petits Ventres, events take place on the rue de la Boucherie (butcher’s street) and are strictly for non-vegetarians! Locals and visitors indulge in all manner of tastings from tripe to pig’s trotters and more. Limousin pastries which are also sold could be an option for the less adventurous. 

In autumn, forests abound with wild mushrooms and the chestnuts which are the emblem of Limousin and have fed its population for centuries. Local fruit, especially apples and cherries, are available in season in the weekly markets held in most villages. ‘Café de Pays’ signs in the Perigord-Limousin Regional Park indicates meals made with local produce.

Drink cider made with Limousin apples or try local wines from around Brive-la-Gallarde in neighbouring Correze. Breweries appeared here in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries thanks to the pure water, but only a few operate today.

 Look for La Ceva d’Oc beer in the Saturday morning covered market at St-Junien or buy directly from the brewer at le Mas Buisson in Gorre, tel: (00 33) 5 55 39 17 96.

Le Musee des Distilleries Limougeaudes in Limoges, is one of Haute-Vienne’s few remaining distilleries making chestnut and fruit liqueurs and housing a museum. Open Tuesday to Saturday - free entrance

Restaurants & Bars - Places to Enjoy

Trilogie de foie gras, Le Cheverny restaurant, Limoges

Whatever you taste in food you'll be able to find somewhere to suit you. The french are world renowned for their food & drink and its not difficult to see why. Alot of people say the french have an agorance about the quality of there food but I think that's one of those stereotypes that is simply not true. Yes they are passionate about there food and most places you will find the use of mainly local and seasonal ingredients. In most places the menu's tend to be smaller and usually have a set menu, which includes with house wine and offers good value for money.

We have been to some of the places below, others have been recommended to us. At the house there are also some cards from restaurants on the pin board on the kitchen. Most restaurants serve food from 12-2pm for lunch and then about 6-9pm evenings. It is also quiet common for restaurants to be closed on Mondays on Sunday evenings, but do usually open for Sunday lunch. The French are very family orientated so don’t worry about taking kids into any restaurant they are always very welcome. Check pin board in kitchen for more ideas.


Bar/Tabac -  Annie Michelet
Le Bourg, 87160 Cromac, France
(Open everyday, 8am - 8pm except wednesday afternoon/evenings).

Bar/Restaurant - Lac Mondon - 3 mins by car

Dining Alfresco at Chez Toi, Lac Mondon, Cromac
Restaurant le Chez Toi Mondon, ac de Mondon 87160 Cromac
T. +33 (0)5 55 76 01 24
Weekends (Fri-Sun) out of season
Every day from 9 am to 11 pm, June to September

Mailhac sur Benaize - 3 mins by car
Auberge du Lac de Mondon - du mardi au samedi de 12h à 14h et de 19h à 21h
le dimanche de 12h à 14h, closed all of February.
Mondon, 87160 Mailhac sur Benaize
T. +33 (0)5 55 76 73 34  E.  

Jouac - 7 mins by car
Kaz Bar
Bourg 87890 Jouac
T. +33 (0) 5 55 47 68 74

Saint Sulpice-les-Feuilles - 10 mins by car

Le Colombier

Le Columbier Bar & Restaurant, Saint-Sulpice-les-Feuilles
Cuisine : traditionnelle et gastronomique
Open Tuesday - Saturday lunch & evenings & Sunday lunch, Closed Mondays
31 rue Albert Joyeux 87160 St Sulpice les Feuilles - Tél. 05 55 76 75 36
Toutes les Saveurs du Bonheur - St Sulpice les Feuilles
Open Thursdays Lunch & Evening
11 Boismandé 87160 St Sulpice les Feuilles
T. +33 (0) 5 55 76 74 46  W.

Saint Léger Magnazeix - 15 mins by car

Restaurant Saint-Léger-Magnazeix
La Grange des Arts, Saint Léger Magnazeix, 87190

Coulonges - 24 mins by car

La Chaumière - They have a daily surprise menu. Great Food & lovely ambiance.

La Chaumiere Restaurant, Coulonges
Open (Tuesday - Sunday lunchtimes & evenings)
5 Route de la Planche, 86290 Coulonges
T. +33 (0) 5 49 48 83 31 E.

La Souterraine - 25 minutes by car

L'Occitane Crêperie

Creperie L'Occtaine, La Souterraine
Situated in the old town of La Souterraine close to the church. At lunchtimes - Crêpe with egg, ham and cheese, a sweet or buttered crêpe to end with and a bottle of cider all for around 10 euro's - Excellent! Also a wide choice of different crêpes available.

Closed: Sunday & Mondays
Opening Times : 12h-14h/19h-22h  Dinner Served : 12h-13h30/19h-21h30"
Specialities : galettes au sarrazin - salades - tartiflettes, truffade (by reservation)
7 Place du Fort, 23300 LA SOUTERRAINE
Tel : 05 55 63 33 47
La Perle d’Asie
Rue du Peu de Sédelle, 23300 La Souterraine
Tél. 05 55 63 28 26

Hôtel Restaurant Jinjaud
Closed Annually 1st - 15th January. Open daily
4 rue de Limoges 23300 La Souterraine
T/F. +33 (0) 5 55 63 02 53  E.

La Gondole sur le Toit (Italian)
Closed : Wednesday’s
Place Saint Jacques 23300 La Souterraine
T. +33 (0) 5 55 63 03 08

Le Passe Muraille

Le Passe Muraille Restaurant, La Souterraine
Closed Mondays and from December 21st to January 13th
Place du Docteur E. Parrain 23300 La Souterraine
T. +33 (0) 5 55 63 29 34  E.

Bessines-sur-Gartempe - 25 mins by car

Le Manoir Henri IV - In the heart of the green Limousin, a well kept secret.

Le Manoir Henri IV, Restaurant, Bessines-sur-Gartempe
Open Monday evening, Tuesday to Saturday lunch & Evening, Sunday Lunch.
N20, La Croix du Breuil 87250 - Bessines-sur-Gartempe
T. +33 (0) 5 55 76 00 56  E.

Auberge du Pont
Open Monday to Friday lunch & evenings.
La Gare, Ancienne N20 87250 - Bessines-sur-Gartempe
T. +33 (0) 5 55 76 02 21 E.

Le Jardin du Palatin - Pizza
38 av. du 8 Mai 1945 87250 Bessines sur Gartempe
T. +33 (0) 5 55 60 77 47 W.

Magnac Laval - 26 mins by car

L’Escapade Bar/Restaurant

L'escapade, Bar & Restaurant, Magnac Laval
Open - Monday to Saturday 10.00 am -- 3.00 pm & 5.00 pm -- 10.00 pm
Sunday 10.00 am -- 3.00 pm
Food is served from 12.00pm till 2.30 pm, & 6.00 pm till 9.00 pm
4 Rue Jules Courivaud  87190 Magnac-Laval, France
T. +33 5 55 60 20 86  E.  W.

Le Dorat - 31 mins by car

La Petite Fontaine - Cáfe & Bar
15 Grande Rue, Le Dorat
T. +33 (0) 5 55 60 29 74  E.

La Marmite

Le Marmite, Restaurant, Bellac
Address: 29 Avenue de la Gare, 87210 Le Dorat
T. +33 (0) 5 55 60 66 94

La Chapelle-Baloue - 35 mins by Car

Eating Alfresco at Chez Elaine, La Chapelle-Baloue

Chez Elaine Bar - Run by Elaine & Michel who is also our plumber & electrician, lovely couple and very welcoming and helpful. We suggest that if you want to eat there that you book in advance. Elaine does a lovely Moulles & Frites & Homemade Pizzas. Its an ideal stoping off point for visiting the lake at Eguzon Chantôme.
2 Route de crozant 23160 La chapelle-Baloue     T +33 (0) 5 55 89 26 78

Bellac - 40 mins by car

Café le Pont de la Pierre

Cafe le Pont de la Pierre, Bellac
Open Thursdays - Mondays 1200 - 1430 and 1700 - 2000 (closed Tuesday & Wednesday’s)
15 Faubourg du Pont de la Pierre 87300 Bellac
T. +33 (0)  W.
Limoges - 45mins away

Restaurant "Le Cheverny"

Monsieur Didier Palard
63 Avenue Baudin
Tél : 05 55 34 50 01
Site Internet :
A success that we owe to the reception and the traditional cuisine, enhanced by original development by Didier Palard, "Master Restorer. We sat in one of three rooms and one becomes aware of a map that exalts the flagship products of Limousin.
Open Monday to Friday and Saturday night. Closed Sundays except holidays. Service from 12:00 to 13:45 and from 19h to 21h45. Welcomes groups up to 35 people. Equipped seminar and welcomes groups of 150 to 200 people. Catering. Delivery. Takeaway. Children’s menu. Ticket restaurant.

Restaurant "Le versailles" - Monsieur Cyril Boisssier

Le Versailles Limoges
20 Place d’Aine, 87000 Limoges
T. +33 (0) 5 55 34 13 39
Site Internet :
The Versailles of Limoges is a Beautiful Old Brewery heart of town. A Brigade a good twenty professionals cultivate this essential institution in the steps of the Court.
Open 7 / 7 days. Service 12H to 15H and 7:30 p.m. to 0:00. Welcomes groups up to 60 people. Children’s menu. Ticket restaurant.
Ticket through the map 26 € approximately

Restaurant Le Bouche à Oreille - Monsieur David Daudon

Le Bouche à Oreille, Limoges
72 bis, avenue Garibaldi, 87000 LIMOGES
Tél : 05 55 10 09 57
Site Internet :
Located close to the city center, this small sign Gourmet has built a solid reputation for reliability. Traditional cuisine and classics.
Home: 12h00/14h - 19h30/22h00. Closed: Sundays and Mondays in the summer, Monday and Tuesday in winter.
Budget: 20-50 €

Restaurant Le Vanteaux - Monsieur Christophe Aubisse
162 Boulevard de Vanteaux, 87000 LIMOGES
Tél. 05 55 49 01 26
Site internet :
The restaurant now has six rooms and a terrace. The whole alliance between modernity and tradition, as an elegant provocation, gives each of its tables a singular character, constantly re-coloured by his hosts. Therefore, the team interprets and composes, to celebrate the space and intimacy.
Closed Sunday evening and Monday

Below is an extract from our handbook which shows a list of the restaurants above and some more suggestions. There are bars and restaurants in most villages & towns and we always encourage guests to share there culinary finds both good and bad.


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