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Hiking & Walking


Hiking, Walking & Geocaching

Over 2,000 km of marked paths, among them the Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pilgrim route, crisscross Haute-Vienne: go walking along 2 local looped itineraries (Monts de Blond, Monts d’Ambazac and the “Pass across the fields” path of Saint-Pardoux district) and numerous short-distance paths.

There are 3 walks which start from the village, there is a leaflet in the tourist information basket in the lounge/diner which shows the walks. They are also ahown on the village notice board by the petanque pitch.


The area, which is suitable for hiking, holds a vast number of sign-posted tracks or paths to be discovered on foot, on mountain bike or on horseback either in the very heart of Les Monts de Blond or round Le Lac de Saint Pardoux or along the valley of the Gartempe or still round the corner of small hamlets.

Several hiking guides are on sale at the different tourist boards of Le Haut Limousin (Hiking tracks of Le Haut Limousin of Limousin en marche and of the district «Gartempe-Saint Pardoux»). The département de la Haute Vienne is supplied with a scheme of “les itinéraires de promenades et de randonnée”. Every “commune” works for joining the scheme by having its own hiking tracks registered in view of offering high quality hiking opportunities. Several tracks/paths are already registered as well as the hiking track of “le Pays des Monts de Blond et les chemins de Traverse” which joins the hiking track of “les Monts d’Ambazac”.


Discover the website dedicated to hiking in Haute-Vienne :

Les Monts de Blond


Green hills, small lakes, megaliths and stones of legend: the Monts de Blond are a nature, soft and mysterious and the symbolic frontier of the Oil language. The local GR that crosses this green bower of protected natural spaces offers its visitors 150km of yellow and red marked paths. It will lead to the foot of stones that open on Christmas night and are apparently endowed with a soul, the power to move or to make rain fall. The path also takes you to the small Montrol Sénard village and its "Rural Nostalgia" trail; a voyage through time or to the architectural marvels of Mortemart, listed as one of "France’s Most Beautiful Villages".

Strolls and short walks

The best ways of discovering our département’s charms are on foot, on horseback or an a mountain bike. The Haute-Vienne has more than 2500Km of marked and maintained trails to offer to walkers or riders.
Eight selected themed routes can help you and your family an interactive discovery of our paths and territory.
Where ever you’re, staying you can contact your nearest tourist office for all the information necessary (guides, itineries etc…).

1. Lac de Saint-Pardoux trail


Place: Saint-Pardoux
Distance : 20 Km – 5h 30
Markers: yellow
Starting point: Chabannes site; (350m from route D60a). First car park after the youth camp. the trail starts at the end of the sunken path.
Interests: views over the lake and heather covered landscape, numerous old villages, the rural home (built by the occupants to be on the one hand a home and on the other a place of work). During the walk, the small walls you’ll discover in the woods testify that the land you’re walking though was once cultivated. The fields were cleared of the largest stones, which were then used to mark the fields’ boundaries.
Contact: Office de tourisme Gartempe – Saint-Pardoux (05 55 76 56 80)

2. The Serpentines moors of Cluzeau and la Flotte discovery trail


Place: Château-Chervix
Distance: 4Km approx, 2hr walking
Markers: clay tiles
Starting point: former Cluzeau Tilery (car park)
Interests: landscapes, geology, ecology and culture.
Contact : Office de Tourisme de l’Issaure (05 55 00 78 38)

3. The circuit "Mont Gargan tour"

Place: La Croisille sur Briance
Distance : 21 Km (5h30)
Markers: yellow
Starting point: Noaillhas managed lake at la Croisille de Briance
Interests: Mont Gargan, Panaroma, Moors
Contact : Office de Tourisme Briance-Combade (05 55 69 63 69)

4. Circuit Limoges banks of the River Vienne


Place: Limoges
Distance : 6 Km, 2h of walking
Markers: In progress
Starting point: banks of the River at the end of the Salvador Allende quay
Interests: Saint-Martial bridge (13th century), Saint-Etienne cathedral, Marshall Jourdan’s house, Saint Etienne bridge (13th century)
Contact : Office de Tourisme de Limoges (05 55 34 46 87)

5. Circuit megaliths and stones and their stories


Place: Cieux
Distance: 11 Km
Markers: yellow
Starting point: Ceinturat car park
Interests: Bois du Rat Chapel, the "Mushroom", Arnac Cupola Stone and the Basse-Forêt Oratory, the Ceinturat standing stone, the Chiroudi stone; the fairy rock…
Contact : Office de Tourisme du Haut-Limousin (05 55 68 12 79)

6. Circuit discovery of the Dauges peat bog


Place: Saint-Léger-la-Montagne
Distance : 5 Km (1h30 to 2h)
Markers: green – medium difficulty
Starting point: Sauvagnac village (2km on the D28 a)
Interests: the Dauges peat bog was listed as a natural reserve in 1998. In doing this, the State has assured its protection. Its management is carried out by Conservatoire Régional des Espaces Naturels du Limousin.
Contact : Office de Tourisme des Monts d’Ambazac et du Val du Taurion (05 55 68 12 79)

7. Circuit "the Gartempe path"


Place: Bessines-sur-Gartempe
Distance : 8 Km – 2 h
Markers: blue
Starting point: take the D220 (in front of the tourist office, take the direction away from the church square) direction Châteauponsac, right afetr the Hotel de la Vallée and straight away 1st right down a small road which leads down to the river and a car park.
Interests: shady walk along the banks of the river Gartempe, in the forest you’ll find a chaotic landscape of steep rocks.
Contact : Office de tourisme de Bessines-sur-Gartempe (05 55 76 09 28)

8. Circuit "the birds trail"


Place: Saint-Sulpice-les-feuilles
Distance: 12 Km -3h30
Markers: orange, "SDO " "FR" signs at main intersections.
Starting point: village hall car park.
Interests: local legends, bridges, streams, fountains, panoramas, undergrowth, nest boxes every approx. 500 m.
Contact : Syndicat d’Initiative de la Benaize (05 55 76 92 66)

9. The Tardoire meteorite trail


Place: Chéronnac
Distance : 13 Km – 2h30
Markers : yellow
Starting point: church square
Interests: trail situated in the Périgord Limousin Regional Nature Park. Tardoire Valley listed in ZNIEFF.
Contact : Office de Tourisme du Pays de la Météorite (05 55 03 72 75)



Tèrra Aventura is a fun way to visit Limousin, without spending a penny. The concept: a high tech treasure hunt on Limousin’s backroads and an initiation to geocaching and to our region’s rich and surprising heritage.

There are 90 caches hidden all over the region: just grab a GPS or a Smartphone download the following app and set off on an exciting quest, for adventurers of all ages.

Terra Aventura suggests a discovery of Le Haut Limousin in an unusual funny way. Géocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt: with your family or with friends, no matter your age, with the help of GPS, solve all the riddles which will lead you to the four hiding places in Haut Limousin.

Information and hiring of GPS can be found at the Tourist Offices of Le Dorat, Gartempe- Saint Pardoux and Limousin en Marche.

Annual Hiking / Walking Events in the region.

Randonnez-vous en Haute-Vienne (7th September 2014)

This year, the event Hike Up in Haute-Vienne celebrated its 11th anniversary Sunday, Sept. 7, 2014. Always around the Lake Saint-Pardoux, with its pleasant scenery, five walking tours are offered on foot: "Expert" for 32km, "Challenge" to 19km, "Discovery" for 11km and "Escape" to 7km. 

For 10 years, several other free activities are available on site: archery, kite flying, beach volleyball, paddle boats, inflatable games. Young and old can enjoy many relaxing moments at the water's edge.

Gendarmes et Voleurs (24th May 2015)

In the cops and robbers of time you are bound to find the race that suits you from:
• The Big Trail Limousin 58km (distance shortened in 2014)
• The Trail "Thieves of Time" 32km
• The Discovery Trail 10km
• The Women's Race "The Thieves of Time" 5km
• The Mixed Race Children: Chick (s) 800, Benjamin (s) and 1200m 2000m Minimes
• The Hiking 10 and 17km

The e Grand Trail Limousin is a nature trail route in Ambazac mountains.  During the trail, you do not cross within 16 villages and hamlets where time seems to have stopped. These are connected by ancestral ways in which it is possible to run almost 100%.

Bitumen covers just 10% of the total distance traversed only in the villages, the route is mostly shaded (65%). It all starts with a picturesque start where riders are preceded by horsemen in costume, he will, however, be careful not to fall prey to the euphoria. The arrival, meanwhile, is just as exciting: at the sight of the red carpet (41 steps, 150m before the finish line) the rider is carried by the support of the fans come to expect.

Click here for more info

Le Déjantée - The Crazy Race (next race: 27th September 2014)

Held at Lac Vassiviére , Le Déjantée (The Crazy) is a multisport race is between the Trail (in test environment) and the obstacle course. Participants face a 12km strewn about 30 to 40 major and secondary barriers without much difficulty circuit. Water, slopes, downhill slopes, climbing, costumes, ambience, friendship, team spirit, solidarity: all the elements are there for a day that they are not soon forget! The mud will be donated! To add a touch of madness to the test, "crazy" will compete imagination by dressing in a manner that does not go unnoticed!

For more info click here (in French)


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