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Lake & River Fishing


River and Lake Fishing

Haute-Vienne is a fisherman’s paradise with 6500km of category 1 rivers and 190 hectares of category 1 lakes, 400km of category 2 rivers and 1800 hectares of category 2 lakes.

The variety of calm waters and fast flowing torrents on the River Vienne ensure great fishing and a range of species including game fish, bream, barbel and trout for more experienced anglers.

Find great trout fishing too on the River Gartempe, and the Vienne is also a venue for national and regional competitions.


The many lakes of Haute-Vienne’s Perigord-Limousin Regional Natural Park offer various levels of fishing, and pike, carp, sander and perch are all in good supply in Lac de Saint-Pardoux - at centres like Bellac - and Lac de Vassiviere. Daily fishing permits ‘cartes de peche’ can usually be obtained throughout the region at shops, tabacs, and bars. For more information contact Federation-peche87 

The River Bernaize is  about 2-3 minute walk from the house and Lac Mondon is 3-4 min drive or about 20 min walk along the River Bernaize. You can also fish in the small lake in the village étang Lascroux 2-3 min walk from the house, for more info click here.


You can fish in most of the local rivers and lakes near the village and fishing licence can be obtained from the bar/post office in the village.  More information at the bottom of the page and on the department website click here

There are several sites for Carp fishing (non-private) information can be found here. This is a french site but the link is translated into English click here

There are some carp in the local lake at Lac Mondon 3 mins drive away up to 20kg click here for more details


Lake Heritage Saint Pardoux - Private Lake

There is this private lake at Saint-Pardoux which about 25-30mins from the house, where they have larger carp.  Lake Heritage is an English owned and run specimen carp lake, set in the heart of the French countryside. It boosts a stunningly beautiful 17 acre lake that requires no permits, has legal night fishing, and the use of three rods. All of the 15 swims give generous room, and we never fully book the lake ( 10 swims Maximum). Therefore, you will always have a choice of swims, and will never feel cramped.

The swims have been positioned to access the lakes natural features, and the lake bed is blessed with a hard clay base which is weed free, and perfect for bait presentation. The lake has a superb stock of fast growing carp that average 30lb plus, with at least 15 different 40lb plus carp. Seven of these fish are over 45lb, and are expected to break the 50lb barrier. All the carp are still gaining weight rapidly, and to compliment the carp stock we have some enormous Sturgeon, that can give superb rod bending action.


The lake is set in an Idyllic peaceful location, and beside the lake is the small village of St Pardoux, that has a bar, restaurant and café/bakery, for more info  click here

Mirror Pool (Mirror Pool Fisheries) - Private Big Carp lake

The beautiful Mirror Pool, set in tranquil surroundings and stocked with a massive head of big carp must make it the most sought after holiday destination.

Mirror Pool is four acres in size and is set in a wooded valley, situated in the heart of the beautiful Limousin countryside, thirty minutes north of the Dordogne. This stunning picturesque lake is similar to that most famous of lakes, Redmire Pool. If its peace and tranquility you are looking for, Mirror Pool won't let you down. You would be forgiven for believing that there wasn't another living soul within miles.

Mirror Pool has been meticulously stocked with a large stock of big carp. There are currently seven fish over 50lb the largest two have now gone 62lb and 68lb 5oz, with approximately 20 fish over 40lb and with at least 60% of the remaining stock over 30lb with an average weight in the lake of over 35lb. Mirror Pool must be the premier water for its size in France and probably all of Europe .

To maximise your enjoyment, they limit the number of anglers to only four per week and we permit non-fishing wives and girl friends go free of charge.

They provide legal night fishing and no additional permits are required. Each swim has a flat area big enough to take the largest of dome tents. All snags have been removed from the lake; the lake bed is of hard gravel with silt pockets and there is no weed to worry about. Additionally, the lake is free of the "poisson chat" (American Catfish), so there is no need to use hard boilies.

They have an English bailiff on site, who will happily give you advice on the fishing and the local shopping facilities and numerous sightseeing attractions. A shower and toilet are situated on the banks of the lake for your comfort and convenience. Click here for more info.

Paradise Lakes - Private Carp Lake

Paradise Lakes the ultimate carp fishing holiday in France is situated in Foret-de-Limousin set in 35 acres of private grounds.  Upon arrival you will be greeted with a warm welcome from our team, led by Tony and Adam. Then after a short tour of the carp fishing lake and the excellent facilities, you will be able to relax and enjoy the finest big carp fishing holiday. We will cook all your food for you throughout your trip, making your carp fishing holiday accommodation as comfortable as possible.

 There are seven swims on the lake, six single and one double, we only allow two people in the doubles no other swim can be fished as a pair.  Please rollover the swims on the map below to view photos of each swim location, views out of the swim and looking in to the swim.   All the swims on the lake have ground suitable for the use of bank sticks as we dont allow pods.  Every swim has around 65 yards of water in front and casting or using a bait boat to half way accross the lake only,  except the birches swim as casting is restricted up to the wall at around 40 yards. For more info click here

La Cour Carp Fishing - Private Lake

La Cour is a 15 Acre Lake surrounded by 22 Acres of pasture and woodland, in which 17 swims have been created around the periphery of the main lake which will accomodate up to 12 anglers at any one time to ensure you have plenty of room to manouvre and the opportunity to move around should you wish to. A smaller stock lake is adjacent to the main lake which Alan uses for stock rearing before introducing the fish to the main lake in a controlled manner. The farthest point of the Lake is wooded and this natural vegetation has been left to provide an area for the fish to spawn. The lake is spring and stream fed and undulates to 4.5 metres at its deepest point. 


Yhey are unsure of the total stock as we have never drained the lake to maintain the balance of the eco system. Prior to stocking we have caught several 30 and 40lb Carp so these could well be over the 50lb level by now! They have also stocked 2.5tonnes of carp (common and mirror) in total to 40lbs across the last 2 years to supplement the existing stock and have some lovely specimens now. The lake also contains perch, roach, zander and pike with fresh water mussels too highligting the quality of the water!

La Cour is now delighted to offer shower facilities. Meals and refreshments on request available at the Estate Lodge or down at your bivvy!


La Cour is open from early April to late October. We can of course accommodate you out with the main season so, please don't hesitate to contact us should you wish to visit at any other time - we won't be too far away! Find out more click here

Eden Lakes - Private Lake

 All 3 lakes are sourced by streams and underground springs. The North Lake, Jolly Pad Lake & Simon's Lake were all constructed in 1994. The North Lake is now an impressive 5 acres. Simon's Lakes is just over 5 acres & The Jolly Pad Lake is 3 acres. Up until now they have been used as stocking lakes for a variety of fish, such as Pike, Zander, Silver fish, Tench and Carp. A lot of these have now been removed to create space for the large Carp.

All the Lake depths and areas to watch out for, can be seen below in the lake diagrams, along with some of the pictures of the lakes.

The bottoms of all the lakes are made up of hard clay and soft clay. At present we are carrying out a planting project, adding reeds and lily pads to the lakes, and trees and bushes to the grassy banks.

The Stock Lakes have been used to breed & grow fish stock for many years. They have been relatively undisturbed for years and the stock have been fed regularly on our pellets and maize and have been introduced to our boilies. The stock lakes will now be used as a resource for growing on our own fish.

All three lakes have undergone extensive work over the winter they have all been drained and all small fish removed they now have level gravel pegs and all have had some lilies and rushes planted to create features and a safe haven for the fish to hide in. For more info click here

Etang De Vost - Private Carp Lake

This picturesque 4.5 Acre Lake is 5 -6 hours drive from the port of Calais. Surrounded by mature trees set in the beautiful French countryside in the Creuse department of the Limousin region of France

We think you will agree with us when you fish this lake you have the added excitement of wondering when you land one of these Carp Creuse carp is it going to be one of the existing unknown stock or the new fast growing stock!!

Carp Creuse was formed in 2007 to provide access to one of France’s hidden gems. we added over 1 ton of fast growing carp to complement the original stock, with carp to over 40lb +

The lake was formed over 30+ years ago and was stocked with a large number of carp, roach, perch & pike. The lake was privately owned and when the former owner passed away, the lake was not fished for over 10 years.

The lake is 4.5 acres in size with widths of around 45-110 yards and depths from 1-8ft , it is set in beautiful country side with wooded area and bushes all around. Features of the lake are numerous and classical including the old river bed, inlet stream and over hanging trees, to name a few.


 Facilities: We are offering drive & survive holidays. Running from Saturday to Saturday. Contact us now for superb fishing and superb deals! We think you will agree with us when you fish this lake you have the added excitement of wondering when you land one of these carp Creuse carp is it going to be one of the existing unknown stock or the new fast growing stock!! More info click here

Oaklands Lake - Private Lake

 Oaklands lake is a stunning 7.5 acre spring fed lake, set in the Forest of Les Beiges, in the beautiful Limousin Countryside. Oaklands lake is located in the commune of La Meyze near to the Dordogne border in South West France.


The lake is fully stocked with Mirror Carp to 40+lbs, Common Carp to 30+lbs and Grass carp 35+lbs. It is available for exclusive hire - maximum of five anglers. Swims are evenly distributed, so with 5 fishing you can have 1 and half acres all to yourself. Less anglers means more water for you.

Sit, relax and enjoy the fishing and the wildlife, especially the kingfishers.

Day tickets available upon request click here for more info

Lac Les Pins - Private Crap Lake

Lac les Pins is set amongst Pine Trees (which is what the name means) in a most stunning and idyllic rural location, where you will be able to enjoy the tranquility and relaxation it offers. The lake is in a very secluded location, but you may spot a deer at sunrise and sunset, visiting and drinking from the lake. We have yet to see a wild boar, they are possibly hiding in the surrounding enclosed mature woodland, but there is plenty of other wildlife around to give that added feel of getting back to nature.


Our 12 Acre lake, with depths that run from 5ft - 15ft is stream fed, so there is no need to worry about these depths diminishing during droughts or long periods of extreme hot weather. The water quality is superb, with plenty of natural food resources, although we have been supplementing our fish during the Winter months with specialised protein pellet in order to increase their growth.

Whether you are a well seasoned angler or a novice on your first fishing trip, you can be assured of a very warm and friendly welcome, with superb facilities and great fishing. We would like to invite you to come along and share this fantastic fishing experience.

We own and run our own fishery, with specially selected carp from reputable farmers. Each and every fish that has been put in our lake has been recorded, so we know exactly what is likely to be caught.

Don't expect to catch much under 25lbs as we are NOT an easy runs water where you are up all night catching small fish, it is specifically for the enthusiastic and dedicated anglers wishing to catch large carp. We are looking at the quality of the fish, and we like to give our anglers a challenge, with a bit of fight on their hands. This is real fishing at its best.Click for more info


Fishing Permits

Fishing permits (carte de peche) for Category I and II lakes and rivers are available in many tackle shops, tabacs, camp sites, bars and cafe's in the Haue-Vienne department. Various types of permit are available- those authorising fishing in 1st or 2nd categories of lakes and rivers, permits for the under 16s and a special holiday permit, which enables you to fish in all categories of lake and river for a 15 day period. The permits are generally issued according to the department - (Haute Vienne, La Creuse and Correze). The ‘timbre halieutique’ is a inexpensive additional stamp authorising you to fish in any part of the Limousin providing you hold at least one of the departmental permits. So, before you start, check which area you wish to fish, which category of lake or river you are intending to fish in, which fish you are permitted to catch at that time of year and that it is not reserved for private use, then obtain the appropriate permit. If you are used to paying high prices for fishing in the UK then you will be pleasantly surprised at how much cheaper it is in the Limousin.


Authorised to fish 2nd category with 4 rods (managed lakes, dams and running water) and 1st category with 2 rods (managed lakes) or 1 cane (running water)

Authorised to fish only 2nd category with 4 rods excluding spinning, fly, live bait, basket and trap.

Authorised to fish as as for a full licence and is valid for 15 consecutive days from 1 June to 30 September

Day Tickets:
Available only in certain places.

Young Angler:
As for the Full Licence but for young anglers up to 16 years of age

Free Young Angler:
Authorised for match fishing up to 16 years of age with one rod


Accommodation and Facilities


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