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Hills, woods & lakes


The Haute-Vienne landscapes are characterised by open spaces and farmland crossed by a large river network dotted with numerous lakes. There's a large variety of flora and fauna: gorges and valleys, dry moors and grasslands, heaths and lakes, woods (which cover ¼ of the département). The Haute-Vienne is a generous country where rounded green hills invite you to walk nose to the wind. There are stones legends murmuring the full moon in the Monts de Blond, chestnut groves, the groves and near. Startling butterflies, drunken in the sun, fluttering in the bog where Dauges watches (a carnivorous plant) in the sundew. Thousand ponds and azure rivers glisten in the sun. It has two regional natural parks: the Millevaches Limousin and the Périgord-Limousin. Parks and enchanting gardens, including Limoges, refresh you in the heart of summer. Follow these paths, they lead you by delicious scenery a little closer happiness.

Regional nature parks

The Haute-Vienne has 2 regional natural parks. In the southwest the PNR Périgord Limousin: Its historic and patrimonial wealth and the variety of its landscapes make it a passionate discovery. It’s a preserved territory of human dimensions. In the east the PNR Millevaches en Limousin climbs the first buttresses of the Massif Central. The diversity of its flora and fauna benefits from vast spaces protected by moors, forests and peat bogs… The high plateau of a thousand springs is seeded with granite villages.

Périgord Limousin Regional Natural Park (PNR)


 Covering 1800km2, straddling the Haute-Vienne and the Dordogne and between Limoges, Périgueux and Angoulême the Regional natural park Périgord Limousin offers its visitors a chance to discover a preserved countryside and a large variety of landscapes. Due to a 2000km grid of walking paths and a network of sites and thematic walks (honey-yielding plants and the Maisonnais-sur-Tardoire bees, the Vayres-les-Roses rosacean walk…) all year round it’s possible to visit remarkable natural sites (damp zones, peat bogs, lakes, limestone beds…), exceptional sites (the giant crater created by the Rochechouart meteorite) and discover a fauna of great interest and great diversity (banded hoopoe, dipper…).


Land of tradition and ’know-how’ (notably the chestnut craft and basket weaving industry) the Park is equally a place of fetes and friendliness (Mushrooms and Nature Day at Bussière Galant, Chestnut Days at Dournazac…), Numerous museums, churches and châteaux are open to the public (Brie, Châlus-Maulmont, Saint-Auvent…) and the themed itineraries such as the Richard the Lionheart Route which traces a rich and, sometimes troubled, history. Other places such as the Moder Art Museum at Rochechouart reflect the vitality and creative spirit of Périgord Limousin.

PNR-Périgord Limousin - Chapelet du Diable, Limousin

 There are other ’treasures’ equally valuable that the Park invites you to discover all year round in participating in the free Coordinated Outings on the flora and fauna, rivers or the heritage, crafts, renewable energy…

Something for the whole family!


Contact :
Parc Naturel Régional Périgord-Limousin
24300 Abjat-sur-Bandiat
Tél. : - Fax :
Web :


Millevaches Regional Natural Park en Limousin


 Situated on the buttresses of the Massif Central, in the heart of the Limousin Mountain Territory, the Regional natural park Millevaches en Limousin extends over the Corrèze, the Creuse and the Haute-Vienne départements and ranges from 400 to 1000 metres in altitude.

Its territory consists of remarkable natural milieus that alternate with peat bogs; dry heather moors, leafy forests, sloping forests, prairies, gentian… It shelters shy animals: otters, pearl-bearing mussels, rare butterflies, linnets, circaetus, faro trout… and is an important stop over for migrating birds.

PNR Millevaches en Limousin - le Pont de Senoueix

 It’s a dynamic region :
- a paradise for partaking of a large palette of ’wide open space’ activities;
- a region rich in cultural heritage and ’savoir-faire’;
- a region of discoveries: cruises by car across the towns in order to discover their histories;
- a region of delicacies with our local produce on the stalls of different producers and which give rise to delicious recipes found on the menus of local restaurants, inns.
- a region of landscapes scattered with lakes, rivers and ponds.

PNR Millevaches en Limousin - Prieuré-de-Saint-Angel

Parc Naturel Régional de Millevaches en Limousin
Le Bourg
23 340 Gentioux-Pigerolles
Tél : 05 55 67 97 90 - fax : 05 55 67 95 30


Limousin ’Great lakes’

Lakes with safe sandy beaches, horse-riding and watersports can all be found nearby.  Lac de Saint- Pardoux (opposite) & Lac Vassiviere are the largest in the region and are home to several sailing schools, with regular competition and boat hire.



 Surrounded by unspoilt nature, the ’great lakes’ provide verdant beaches. Nestling in the heart of a forest, the "Saint-Pardoux Lake" (330 ha) tourist base is the ideal spot for countryside and water sports. 3 zones have been created: Santrop, swimming and leisure activities; Chabannes, dedicated to MTB and sailing; Fréaudour, orientated towards water activities (water skiing…).


Lac de Vassivière

 Covering more than 1 000 ha, with 45 km of shore and 108 million m3 of water, "Lac de Vassivière" is one of the largest in France. 6 man-made beaches and a tourist base have on offer a complete range of water activities.

In total, more than 20 lakeside sites are ready to welcome you in the Haute-Vienne…


Haute-Vienne landscapes

Exploring Haute-Vienne landscapes reveals closeness, sometimes even intimacy: here rocky outcrops in the bend of a valley or climbing road, there waterfalls that sparkle in the middle of rocks and trees, and elsewhere dense forests and wet moors where peat moss and xxx flower; and many more elements that own their characters to an unspoilt and sometimes dominant nature.

Les Monts de Blond

The granite massif of les Monts de Blond is the first western foothills you come across before reaching Massif Central. This granite hill line holds several listed sites among which the peat bog of Pioffray with its rich flora and fauna. The great amount of rivulets favours the existence of vast ponds like Cieux, Fromental or Boscartus into which they pour. Les Monts de Blond spread over a ten-kilometre distance towering over 100/200-metre-high plateaux. Their wooded hills whose highest point rises at 514 metres can boast a real mosaic of landscapes which are an ideal setting favouring hiking and outdoor leisures.

With its ice-aged boulders, its weatherbeaten rocks and its megaliths, the area of les Monts de Blond is a land of legends and mysteries where the wandering visitor will appreciate the quietness and the beauty of unspoilt landscapes.


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